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Giant Bi-Racial Maraca Hovers Over Darning Housewife


Nope. Not familiar with a darning egg. But I am familiar with eyestrain, and if she thinks she knows eyestrain, oh, honey–just wait until they invent portable phones!

As if post-war needlework wasn’t complicated enough, this next “novel idea” suggests hooking a window shade to a sewing machine to serve as an extension table. 


Screw eyes and hooks? My sentiments exactly. Forget that. And this last one? Oh, dear. I have no words.

1949 Popular Mechanics: Shortcuts to Better Housekeeping
1949 Popular Mechanics: Shortcuts to Better Housekeeping


12 thoughts on “Giant Bi-Racial Maraca Hovers Over Darning Housewife”

  1. Wow–even though the fashions were super cute, I am glad to have been born after the need for daring darning eggs and large open fagoting.

    Here is my secret for short-cutting the housekeeping: Housecleaner. We gave up cable and I took on an extra project to pay for it. Down with housekeeping!


    1. You are a smart woman. I don’t know if I could give up cable, but you have a lot of projects on your plate. I bet your housekeeper doesn’t darn socks.


      1. Sadly they don’t even do windows. No darning, no. When socks have holes, they hit the trash. Wasteful, I suppose. But a daring darning egg probably costs as much as one pack of socks. Maybe two.


      2. Use a (clean) sock with holes! We should get paid for these ideas. Realizing now that we should team up to write a guide for today’s housewife. It would be a bitchen’ read.

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      3. Somebody told me to do that for Venetian blinds, but I’ve only gotten as close as putting the clean sock near the window. Eight days ago.


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