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Come Hither

Did you do a double-take, too? No, that’s Sherry’s index finger, inviting you to watch her and fellow University of Texas dancers as they shake and shimmy in spandex and high-cut leotards. Such form! Such extension!

Something tells me that most guys won’t be put off by her 1988 bangs, even nearly 30 years later.

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Before The Peanuts Tried To Kill Us

In 1955, peanuts were amazing little salted bundles of protein that everyone could eat (as far as we knew). For a nickel, you could eat a candy bar of pressed peanuts. You could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on enriched white bread. You could fry wholesome meat in peanut oil. You could have peanuts out the wazoo. 

But now schools and churches and even offices are mostly nut-free zones. We warn parents not to put nutty items in Halloween or Easter candy. And some of us just avoid them as the lowly cousin of grander nuts. But you might be missing out.