Old Man Winter, How I Miss Thee

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Pepsi Challenge: The Results Are In

If you don’t recall, Pepsi was being steamrolled by Coke in the early 80s (and now and will continue be in the future), so Pepsi’s marketing department came up with the Pepsi Challenge, a simple taste test to give consumers the opportunity to take an unbiased challenge. Below is Mr. Kotter hosting such an event.

Please note that the last actor to allegedly enjoy Pepsi was named Joe Kielbasa. Sounds legit. (Actually, there are several dudes by that name on Facebook, although one is wearing a dress like a woman).

It’s a free country; drink what you like. Call it cola or soda or pop, whatever. But remember, waitresses never have to ask patrons, “Is Coke okay?” Because yes. Yes, it is.

Come Hither

Did you do a double-take, too? No, that’s Sherry’s index finger, inviting you to watch her and fellow University of Texas dancers as they shake and shimmy in spandex and high-cut leotards. Such form! Such extension!

Something tells me that most guys won’t be put off by her 1988 bangs, even nearly 30 years later.

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