Georgia Tech Ads 1947

Gordon Foods–for all your nut meat and potato stick needs! Atlanta was super progressive, offering international albums–even at night! If you weren’t into modern Boogie Woogie, RCA Victor might be more your style. Next up: refreshment! The College Inn looks like the place to be, if you want to sit at the bar and slingContinue reading “Georgia Tech Ads 1947”

But Who Invented The Cottongim?

In every yearbook of a certain vintage, several pages are devoted to beauty queens and runner-ups, “bluebells” to “sponsors” for men’s organizations. Today we feature not merely the campus beauties of Georgia Tech way back in 1947, but the ones with interesting names. Let’s start the ball rolling with Miss Elizabeth Cottongim! Nope, it’s notContinue reading “But Who Invented The Cottongim?”