Georgia Tech Ads 1947

Gordon Foods–for all your nut meat and potato stick needs!

Atlanta was super progressive, offering international albums–even at night!

If you weren’t into modern Boogie Woogie, RCA Victor might be more your style.

Next up: refreshment!

The College Inn looks like the place to be, if you want to sit at the bar and sling back far-flung milkshakes.

And if too much brewski had gotten you soused beyond function, it might be time to call the White Cross.



12 thoughts on “Georgia Tech Ads 1947”

  1. Wait a minute. I have some problems with some of those 14 questions.

    “Do you make promises and try to keep them but cannot?”
    Ask my wife. It has nothing to do with likker.

    “Do you experience mental haziness and lack of concentration after a debauch?”
    Hell to the yes. That is what a debauch is all about. You can’t have a decent debauch without some mental haziness. Why debauch if you are going to walk around totally clear headed.

    “Do you know in your own mind that you are slipping?”
    Every day, friend. Every day. It’s called getting old.

    “Has drinking passed the playful stage with you?”
    I take drinking very seriously. Nothing playful involved. This is 2020, Bunko.

    On the other hand,I have no problem with RCA Victor ad because my family had one of those combination stereo/tv/liquor cabinet furniture pieces made by RCA. You could have a drink and play some 78s at the same time.

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    1. Well, you get an A+ because this is a clearly-formed and researched argument. You are indeed correct about the very nature of a debauch, we ARE all slipping, and drinking should be serious, or we would still foolishly be drinking domestic beers or Boon Farms or Riunite, or even worse, Sutter Home.

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  2. Annie Green Springs is deservedly referred to as “iconic ghetto wine of the 70s.” Fruity stuff with screw caps and names like Apricot Splash, Berry Frost, and Plum Hollow. An uncanny ability to stimulate the gag reflex. Still, it was considered far more upscale than Thunderbird, Ripple or Night Train.

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    1. Wow, those names sound very appealing to young folks. Nothing says snazzy like a screw cap. You paint an image. So Fred Sanford (I’m coming, Elizabeth) drank Ripple, and he was a very successful business man.

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