United Airlines’ “Passenger Re-Accommodation”

Aggieland 1990

Several days later, and dragging the unwilling passenger down the aisle is still making the news. I bet Pepsi is glad for the distraction.

Twitter is alive with creativity.


We very rarely fly, so boycotting is a moot point for our family. What about you? Will this treatment change your travel itinerary? Perhaps they should change their name to Divided.

Early Sobriety Tests

LIFE Jan 3, 1944
LIFE Jan 3, 1944

Betty Beach is one of the country’s thousands of women who’ve recently gone into necessary civilian service to release a man to fight. And she loves it! It has meant telescoping her life…making the most of every minute. For her beauty care, she’s sticking to DuBarry Beauty Preparations…first introduced to her in the Famous Success School Course.


I don’t get it. She uses make-up to keep her nose “pretty” so that the pilot will find her attractive? What on earth?