United Airlines’ “Passenger Re-Accommodation”

Aggieland 1990

Several days later, and dragging the unwilling passenger down the aisle is still making the news. I bet Pepsi is glad for the distraction.

Twitter is alive with creativity.


We very rarely fly, so boycotting is a moot point for our family. What about you? Will this treatment change your travel itinerary? Perhaps they should change their name to Divided.

8 thoughts on “United Airlines’ “Passenger Re-Accommodation””

    1. It makes me wonder how they picked whom to drag. They couldn’t drag a woman or that would be harassment. They couldn’t drag a person of color, or that would be racism. How could they think it was okay to drag ANYONE?

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  1. Supposedly they were drawn by a computer and the guy that was picked for “re-accommodation was Asian. So I don’t know which race card is in play. Everyone should just focus on the events. Chicago officials bloodied a paying customer on the behalf of a Corporation. That ain’t right.

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