Tights And Loafers

This February 1941 LIFE article states that these colored stockings are head-turners. I agree that these green stockings DO turns head, but not for the right reasons. I don’t know any gal who’d find those a compliment to her ensemble.

They actually look much better in black and white, especially when paired with lovely smiles and (of course) a bottle of Coke. Coke makes everything better. 

Boy, this gal is a stunner, such a lovely image of spring.

Evidently, stockings are made of lisle, a word with which modern women are not familiar.

lisle. n. 1. a fine, high-twisted and hard-twisted cotton thread, at least two-ply, used for hosiery, gloves, etc.

The only Lyle with which I’m familiar is Waggoner, the actor from “The Carol Burnett Show.” Did you know he’s been married to his wife for 58 years??



Nicotine Responsible For Decreased Fan Support

1961 Round-Up

Perhaps it’s the combination of shades and smokes that makes these fellows look too cool for school–too cool to jump up and down anyway. Methinks they don’t want to look overly enthusiastic and wind up looking like Mr. Plaid down below, who appears to be uneasy in applause. Perhaps he has tender palms?

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum. Fans who come out to support the team, rain or shine, not afraid to look excited.

And the cheerleaders sure appreciate it!

1949 Cactus

So Much Meat Pulls The Surface

I hear Shiraz pairs nicely with Peru system.

Not a fan? What about old adopted mother’s veggies? So fresh!

And don’t forget to customize the heat level to your desired God Fire.

Still too spicy? Ask for a pat of adult butter to even out the heat.

If you’re vegan, you’ll have to skip the butter. No dairy for you. But remember:

Pretty wife eat cheese. Pretty wife eats meat. Pretty wife eats flesh salad.

Lost in Asian translation? Retreat and think of cakes.

Not a fan of cakes? Try a small square of caramel.

Do you eat? Coron to you! Bon Appétit!

Please Hold

Bill Averett

All images are from the 1961 Baylor University Round-Up.

Bobbie Sue Wilson

According to these pictures from over a half century ago, folks have always had a love affair with phones. All that was available at the time was the black, corded rotary kind, like the one we had in our dining room for years.

Larry Hodges

I still have nightmares, where I’m calling someone on a rotary phone, and I have to start over again, or the rotary won’t work right.

Darla Prudom

I remember waiting for hours for my friends’ numbers to stop giving me the busy signal, so that I could update them with the latest dish. Sometimes, I’d just give up altogether. There was no voice mail, and you had to get through to the line in order to leave a message on the answering machine.

Gerry Frederick

We couldn’t walk around the house, either, so we were tethered to the base. And the cords would inevitably get wonky in their coil. You remember janky, improperly-coiled cords? I guess that still happens to office phones.

Bruce Peterson Photo

By the way, did anyone ever clean their receivers? These days, I Lysol-Wipe our phones regularly. I guess those were the days before antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizer.

Mrs. Hardcastle

The university even had a Cotton Bowl float devoted entirely to the phone!

So don’t let anyone tell you we haven’t always loved our phones, even before they were smart!


Granddaddy Swag

1961 Round up

Texas Senator Price Daniel slides some skin to carnation-clad Dr. C.D. Johnson, while the jocular missus beams with pride (and some stylish four-tiered pearls).


Nat Geo 11/49

Winter vacationists at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon nibbled icicles hanging from a barrack’s roof in 1949. Perhaps ice was cleaner then.

Putt Putt

I Remember Distinctly

Garnet Carter built his first “Tom Thumb Golf Course” in Lookout Mountain, TN in 1927. Two years later, he drove to Miami to build another. By the following summer, mini golf courses were springing up around the USA along roadsides. Folks could stop and play on greenswards made of cottonseed hulls (Astro Turf was not patented till ’65) and roll their balls through the pipes. Living through The Depression may have stunk, but at least there was putt putt.

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