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Corpus Christi High School’s class of 1950 has some real gems to share with you today.

That HAS to be Andy Samberg’s granddad. No two ways around it.

This greaser reminded me of the bad guy in Grease, Crater Face.

And this cutie patootie reminded me of Maxwell Caulfield’s character in Grease II. Do you see it, too?

In most cultures, symmetry is beauty. But these two gentleman prove that your hair can be an asymmetrical entity, and you can still be smooth. It’s like chunks are missing from their heads.

Have you ever seen an old man’s toupee caught in the wind? This is like that except it’s swirly like tidal waves. But also like frosting on a cupcake. I could get lost in it. Look at him, all cocky. How YOU doin’?


I just feel like you need to see this. Tweezing is in order.




What happens when Walt Disney mates with Salvador Dali?


This guy. I like him already.

Duffle023And check this out! The Kewpie doll is all grown up.

9 thoughts on “Deadringers”

  1. Crater face and his doppleganger look like some guys I went to grade school with. And doesn’t the tweezer cat resemble Michael Landon in “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”?


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