La Tex-Mex Maria

Maria was a friend of Lavelle, owner of this yearbook, and fellow participant in Spanish Lab, where Maria is shown assessing a skirt below.

Evidently Lavelle’s classmates took their language skills seriously. Babs even included it in her yearbook greeting.

Stoddard Hall was where the senior girls lived; this was at Texas State College for Women, so there were no men. However, the next entry contradicts the prior, assuming she would indeed move to Stoddard.

I do hope they were able to meet up 50 years later, and party like it was 1999, as it would have been.

This final entry confirms that Lavelle did indeed intend to live in Stoddard, that she was a grand cooker of eggs, and a good listener as Phyllis “Phil-eyes” droned on incessantly about Jimmy. Muy bueno!

Mapache’s Gettin’ Big and Mapache’s Gettin’ Bigger


Today’s Spanish word of the day is mapache. Mapache. You know, like Apache Indians. It’s totally fun to say. It means raccoon. Wouldn’t mapaches be a great mascot for a team? They are certainly more menacing than Delta State University’s Fighting Okra.

Don’t get me wrong; that vegetable looks tough. But he lends himself to getting beat easily, or “fried” or “stewed” or “chopped.” That’s no good. But not this guy. He’s clever. He’s sneaky. He’s crafty. And he’s just my type.


Does he remind you of anyone?