11 thoughts on “Reasons To Join Spanish Club, Part Dos

  1. I will like this later but right now am not getting a like button option. WP is weird today. But maybe it is you BURNING IT UP because you are on fire with your posts. Which is totally unfair because I am trying to work and these brilliant little gems to which I am immediately drawn keep popping up. So I must say that I want to join their Spanish club because they look like they are having muy fun and I can just hear them shouting Olé. I could contribute to their many events by bringing chips and guacamole. Seriously, though, why is Pinata in quotes? That and a misspelling. They are clearly not the Grammar Club.

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    1. I promise I will stop now. I got a new yearbook yesterday and it is full of pics. WP is being weird. No like button??? I wonder if anyone would join The Grammar Club? I would.

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  2. Hola senoritas. Me llamo Mark. Estudio a la Ward Melville High School en Long Island en Nueva York. Me gradué en 1975. Está todo muy bonita.

    Great photo from the new yearbook, Kerbey. What year is this? By the way, I don’t think Conquistadores is spelled wrong, if my high school and college Spanish from the wayback serves me right …

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    1. Well done, Mark. It’s my new Illinois 1968 yearbook with a mohawk Indian on the cover in real metal. You might be right. I always thought it was with an A. Conquistador, like the ride at Six Flags in the 1980s.


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