12 thoughts on “Secrets Of A Parson, Part I”

  1. Ha! Too funny Kerbey. When I was the manager of a fleet of tractor trailers that belonged to a retailer, some bright person decided that inbound and outbound dispatchers should not have any interruptions and put each in a closed room with no windows. This is nuts, as all inbound trucks were previously outbound and their outbound schedule decided the inbound schedule. And likewise, the outbound required the inbound equipment in order to reload and restart the cycle over again. After a short time of frustration, I called maintenance and told them to come and knock a hole in the wall between the two dispatches and put in a single pane slider window. They did and the guys worked every day after that with the window open between the two dipatcches unless there was a private meeting. Your photo reminded me of that. ha!

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    1. You were the means of resolution for a wayward and inefficient system. Bravo, Paul! The squeaky wheel got the grease in that case, a metaphor I’m sure you can appreciate. 🙂


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