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Reasons To Join Spanish Club, Part Uno

Spanish Club, Rockton, Illinois, 1968



17 thoughts on “Reasons To Join Spanish Club, Part Uno”

  1. Nothing says, “Spanish” quite like a button up buttoned all the way up. Way to go girls. PS those painted on mustaches are a little weak. I think you can do better next time. Trust me, I’m a Latina.

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  2. I am going backward in time, Kerbey, and saw part one after part two. This day in Spanish club is lame. And it’s 1968, huh? I thought from part two that is was circa 1975, my high school time. Well. Rockton is still a pretty good name for a town, even if it is in Illinois and not Texas. And I agree with everybody here. Not a Spanish thing about this, and Sandra, you should be insulted by those drawn-on ‘staches!

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    1. I am half hispanic, so I can be half-insulted but mostly not energetic enough to be offended. Oh, Mark, the 1975 yearbooks…there are so many hair issues there, striped shirts and brown corduroy pants, straggliness, a general sense of being “unkempt,” a sense that everyone just stumbled out of a Good Times van, smelling of incense and more.

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