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Supporting The Shot

Hononegah68-004These strapping lads (okay, these two strapping lads and Kenny) display the most useful part of their shot put competition. I myself have never cast stones, but I imagine it takes a strong back to do so. These Illinois boys of ’68 would surely not chance it now.



15 thoughts on “Supporting The Shot”

  1. Those are 12 pound high school shots. The 16 pounders are used in NCAA, Olympic, national and international competition. The ladies use an 8.8 lb. shot.

    I know this only because I used to put the shot. (“Put it where?”, you say. Uh, uh, not going there.) Funny thing is in Masters level, after age 50, the official shot weight in competition gets reduced each decade and I’d be down to an 11 pounder by now.

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  2. Maybe it’s the camera angle and 1968 f-stops — OK, I’ll stop with the aperature talk — but it appears to me as if Kenny in the center has a bigger shot to put than the bulkier lads at his sides.

    About the school name, Kerbey, the mighty athletes of Hononegah were kind of close to going to an institute that was the same front and back, no?

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    1. Yes, that is a good a point. I still contend it is a terrible name for a school or anything ever. I hope Kenny has moved on to better things. It wasn’t fair.


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