You Really Need To Get Your Schlitztogether

And the award for best illustration of ale with squirrels, accordions, and ascots goes to… Schlitz! Y’all, this ad did its job. It actually makes me wants Schlitz, despite the fact that I would never order a 4.6% ABV beer because that’s just wasting my time. My mouth tells me to rebuke the “Schlitzness” but myContinue reading “You Really Need To Get Your Schlitztogether”

Take One Down, Pass It Around

These young men may have been in the Lone Star State, but they were swilling brown bottles of the beer that made Milwaukee famous. Schlitz may not be your first choice for ale, but they had some great ads back in the day. The women above look surprised, but this gal looks downright mischievous. AndContinue reading “Take One Down, Pass It Around”