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Fast Times At Martin High 1956


One can only wonder what sorts of shenanigans ensued at the water fountain between a leather jacketed victim, a topless accomplice, and one fellow suffering from a damaged pinky.

These fellows seem pretty psyched to cast their votes for class president.


“Don’t forget to calculate the area of the trapezoids and rhombi, Ese.”

Pitahaya56-001Sometimes you just want to strangle your typing teacher because she’s a controlling bruja.


Been there, my friend.

1950s, Culture, History, Nostalgia, Photography, Pics, Style, Texas, Vintage

Let’s Hear It For The Tigers

1956 Pitahaya Cheerleaders
1956 Pitahaya Cheerleaders

I love this shot for these reasons:

  • the joy on the faces of the cheerleaders
  • the animated boys in the background, chock full of increasing testosterone, apparently holding up the roof with their palms
  • the cat’s eye glasses
  • the multiracial shoulders jam-packed against one another
  • the unadulterated glee on that girl’s face to the far left, and her friend who should have had a V-8
  • the girl on the far right with her hand to her chest, as well as the boy above her clasping his hands, both of them silently saying, “MY stars…”

I was born in the wrong decade.