Fast Times At Martin High 1956


One can only wonder what sorts of shenanigans ensued at the water fountain between a leather jacketed victim, a topless accomplice, and one fellow suffering from a damaged pinky.

These fellows seem pretty psyched to cast their votes for class president.


“Don’t forget to calculate the area of the trapezoids and rhombi, Ese.”

Pitahaya56-001Sometimes you just want to strangle your typing teacher because she’s a controlling bruja.


Been there, my friend.



  1. great photos Kerbey. i understand that the 50’s (according to my parents) were a time of great rejoicing with the winning of WW2 , the advent of personal gain (cars, houses, machines, etc) that came with the turning of the war machine to producing consumer products. There was a feeling of freedom and a positive attitude that permeated everything. Also, people were used to working every waking hour and transferred that to productivity making the economy come alive. The “me” generation had yet to raise its ugly head.

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