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Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen March 31, 2015

Filed under: 1930s,Fun,History,Nostalgia,Photography,Style,Vintage — kerbey @ 4:21 pm
Spur mag, Sept 1932

Spur mag, Sept 1932

I apologize if it is still wintry in your neck of the woods. Here it’s been in the 80s. Birds are chirping incessantly, lawns are demanding weekly mowings, the air has the bitter stench of weed-killer in it, the neighborhood pool opens manana, and swarms of bees root around in our holly bush, two paces from our front door. I HATE bees. And wasps. Our Martha Stewart six chair patio set is ready for guests. All we need is a recliner, like these ladies seem to be enjoying.

Considering it was 1932, smack dab in the middle of The Depression, they seem to be fairing pretty well. Methinks Ms. Ira F. Warner  from Westhampton, Long Island looks rather cheeky.


7 Responses to “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen”

  1. Benson Says:

    My she does indeed look cheeky; and cute. The dudes,however look like dorks.

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  2. markbialczak Says:

    Yeah, the upper crust on Long Island had it quite good, Kerbey. Those ladies on the chairs there had grandkids that wouldn’t mix with the likes of me and my friends. La-di-da!

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  3. The limbs in front were called “gams” but the limbs in the back don’t qualify as “biceps.”

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  4. Liz Says:

    looks like fun. What are the men playing and what are the women reading?

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    • kerbey Says:

      The men were playing “how to hold coffee mugs” near a gameboard, and the middle lady is obviously texting, and the last lady is reading, “How To Wear A Floppy Hat Like A Boss Now That You’re Free To Vote.”


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