Chevro-Lay On Top Of Me Because That’s Normal

I guess I don’t get the artistic vision of this ad. To me, I see a car unable to simply cross a shallow stream, a driver who has abandoned his vehicle, and a half-naked woman pressed against the windshield, foot whimsically in the air, brick at her side.

Of course, that’s sexist. SHE could have very well been the driver when the LSD kicked in. She drove right into a creek. She took her clothes off. She got on top of the car to get a better view of the melting dancing hippos inside. But the brick? I don’t get it.

July 1959, Bel Air 2 door sedan

9 thoughts on “Chevro-Lay On Top Of Me Because That’s Normal”

  1. We had a ’59 Chevy with the “cats eyes” tail lights but it was a station wagon. It doesn’t get much more suburban than that. For some reason, the joke of the day back then was “I can speak French. Oui, Chevrolet, Ex-Lax poo poo.” Go figure…

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  2. Cute title. Maybe she was driving her new Bel- Air to show her grannie when she got lost and ended up stuck in a creek when a swarm of bees flew in startling her. After becoming stuck in the creek she jump from the car, tore off her wrap around skirt and leapt to safety.. Since she is allergic to bees she grabbed the brick; which was a part of a long forgotten foot path and hopped on top of the car. Now she is just waiting for the critters to fly off again.

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