Eye On The Prize

She’s not listening to a word about Ken’s board meeting. Why? Because Old Forester, that’s why. It’s not called Old Banker for a reason, Ken.

But Meg’s not the only with her eye on the prize.

Behold, Irish eyes are smiling. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s a lovely day to be outdoors in the piney woods, jaunty green hat askew, sporting a thick gold wedding band, smell of beef charring in the air. Somehow, there’s an endless tap of beer in the park. Keep it flowing.

Why? Because dextrins and maltose and B-complex vitamins, like your doctor said. It does a body good, and pairs well with burgers and horseshoes. Cheers to healthful values!

7 thoughts on “Eye On The Prize”

  1. I’ll drink to that. I couldn’t resist. I have not had old Forester in more years than I can remember. I always did consider beer to be a neglected food group. That is a sweet station wagon in your header photo. I think gas station attendents are still required; by law; in Oregon. Curious.

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  2. Spotted somewhere on the internet: “This the third time this week I stocked up on my two week’s supply of beer.” Sparkle-taste! Max says “the goodness of Malt” is a an excellent descriptive term.

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