Seriously Sadie

Perusing the pages of ancient yearbooks, I have seen many a Sadie Hawkins dance. But this 1946 event from North Texas State University takes the cake! What an eye for detail these kids had.

L’il Abner was everywhere.

They really got into character.

It’s a good time when everyone participates!

14 thoughts on “Seriously Sadie”

  1. Wow. Really cool, Kerbey. Thank you for remembering where Sadie Hawkins originated. Lil Abner sure was a curious comic strip character in my Wonder Bread years. Al Capp (the drawer) must have been doing something right to launch the Sadie Hawkins concept into society.

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  2. Excellent photos. I remember dances where the girl asked the boy but I don’t recall them being called Sadie Hawkins Day. In either event I don’t recall anyone dressing up. It looks like they knew how to have fun.

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