Saturday Santa Sightings

12-13-14 018Santa appears to be hanging by his fingertips beside this browning magnolia tree.

12-13-14 033Either reindeers are growing or Santa is shrinking.

12-13-14 030

With mistletoe on his cap, Santa goes in for a peck at Mrs. Claus.

12-13-14 026

One Santa drives an ice cream truck with peppermint candy wheels, while a Florida Santa shows his midriff without shame.

12-13-14 031But soon Santa must mount his sleigh and head to the homes of good little boys and girls. Twelve days and counting!



13 thoughts on “Saturday Santa Sightings”

  1. There was a hardware store here that had a Santa riding a burro, slumped over wearing a sombrero with the saddle blanket reading “Feliz Navidad.” I loved it. It was the anti-Hawaiian Christmas of all time. Oh yeah, there were twinkle lights on Santa’s sombrero.

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  2. Sigh. All those Santa’s on green grass surrounded by blooming trees. You guys need some snow Kerbey. We’ve got some here that we’re willing to share. 🙂 Reminds me of the Christmas I spent in LA.

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    1. Hush your lips comparing Texas to LA! It will probably get down to freezing by Christmas day. You keep the snow. People here couldn’t drive in that to save their lives. Each January, the ice comes, and cars crash into each other and businesses close and highways shut down.


      1. Ha! I was actually in Houston some years ago when it snowed a few inches. Being from Canada, i found the sight very amusing. As you say, they shut down the city and waited for it to melt. Bwahahaha! We’d starve to death if we did that. the ratio of cars to accidents was quickly approaching one to one. Mostly elegant, ballet-like spins and such. Much funnier to wathc tan the TV.

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  3. We are out of snow now because of a recent rainy day, but it’s not as sunny and green. We’re cloudy and brown. But Santa will still come. Especially love that first photo.

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