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Swiss Cardio 1929



12 thoughts on “Swiss Cardio 1929”

  1. When I was younger I was a fan of Apple Schnapps in needs-warmth situations such as these, Kerbey. In Syracuse, at least thrice weekly. Ice skating? As you say, heck to the no. Have fun building up speed, Liz! Kerbey and I will be sitting in the swank building with Benson, wearing headgear!

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  2. Hmm, skating circles – what’s the point in that, I ask you? Now, if you want some real skating drop by Ottawa. We have what is often billed as the largest man made skating rink in the world – the Rideau Canal It is amazing skating – over 4 1/2 miles of maintained skating surface that is the center of our Winterlude celebrations in February. t\The canal has high stone walls and so is always protected from wind and bad weather and has kiosks selling yummy Beaver Tails (flat fried dough filled with jam, served hot) and other snacks. It runs right through downtown and a slew of excellent restaurants and bars are close by for warming up. http://www.ottawatourism.ca/en/visitors/what-to-do/sports-and-leisure/rideau-canal-skateway let’s see the Swiss beat that one (hey, it’s free!)

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    1. That is amazing! I have never seen anything like it. All we had when I was little in Texas was a small rectangle inside a mall. The passersby could watch the skaters. Then they moved it to the side of the mall and covered it with walls, and it’s a dark dreary awful place to go. No magic at all. But that is NOTHING compared to 4.5 miles of skating. I would have loved to do that when my back was strong! So pretty. Of course, I could still manage a Beaver Tail…


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