15 thoughts on “New Balls For DiMaggio”

  1. Do you suppose Marilyn stopped by that day? Though not sure when they met. Maybe it is just the graininess of the photo, but the hospital does not look spic-and-span clean. And could he possibly be comfortable on that bed?

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    1. At this point, he was married to Dorothy Arnold and wouldn’t court MM for another 13 years. I do wish the res were higher. I assumed it was the dingy grime of the inner city. It does hurt to look at his position, doesn’t it? But maybe the pj’s are silk, some small consolation.


      1. Your knowledge is not just about margaritas, then. You also know the history of which celebrities met and when. Mucho impressed 🙂 Silk pjs with polka dots. Getting weirder all the time.

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  2. Kid that Lance Armstrong quip still has me giggling. Now I don’t think his position looks that bad. As for the dots? Mozzarella balls. I can’t remember the name but you can get 4 ounce and 2 ounce. Cute as a button and tasty as hell.

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    1. There it is! Mozzarella balls. I can’t afford them, so I blocked them out of my mind. A little basil and cracked pepper and tomato and badabing, badaboom, Margherita pajamas for the Yankee Clipper.

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  3. And isn’t anybody going to mention the nun/nurses making sure everybody keeps their hands on their own balls? How’s your ankle, Joltin’ Joe? Swell, kid.

    And way after Marilyn Monroe and Simon and Garfunkel swooned over DiMaggio, the Yankee Clipper became the original TV spokesman for Mr. Coffee, don’t forget, Kerbey. Go to town with that one.

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