13 thoughts on “Decorations Of Red On A Green Christmas Tree”

  1. Pretty roadside scene, Kerbey. And pretty wishful thinking, too, as far as the ice and snow goes, by the looks of it. Snow again in Minny, huh, Liz? Rain and melt still here in Syracuse, but snow by Thursday, they say.

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    1. It always ices on MLK, Jr day and the cars veer into each other and every single road gets jammed. I try not to drive that day. I have a dream that it will not ice this year.


  2. All those trees that are dressed in their finest – you do know why they are there don’t you? They saw the sign that said that the bridge may freeze and they are all dressed up waiting for the ice to appear. then they will run down to the bridge and skate exuberantly until either the sun comes up or the ice melts. I’ve seen it while driving across Texas – honest.

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    1. You are supposed to keep that on the downlow, Paul. We only get one inch of rain per year, so I don’t know what they would skate on–an inch of sad little creek? But I have seen them run down to the bridge. That does explain why the ground is covered with shattered glass ornaments.


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