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New Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Circles

Cactus41-tennissinglesHow adorable is this 1941 university Singles Tennis team, three of them in their tennis whites?

And what can I say about the Deck Tennis Singles?


Lady B’s hair has aerodynamic fins like a 1957 Chrysler Plymouth. Perhaps that helped with her swing?

The Table Tennis gals seem ready for a challenge. Pleated skirts and collared shirts allowed for ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Cactus41-TableTennisCheck out the smiles on these two. Rackets are strung and ready to backhand.Cactus41-041

But what is going on with the men’s team uniform? I don’t get it. How did swooshy Great Gatsby-white-party culottes help their game? And think of the stains you could never get out! Boys are so messy. Those pleats really do add pounds.