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New Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Circles

Cactus41-tennissinglesHow adorable is this 1941 university Singles Tennis team, three of them in their tennis whites?

And what can I say about the Deck Tennis Singles?


Lady B’s hair has aerodynamic fins like a 1957 Chrysler Plymouth. Perhaps that helped with her swing?

The Table Tennis gals seem ready for a challenge. Pleated skirts and collared shirts allowed for ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Cactus41-TableTennisCheck out the smiles on these two. Rackets are strung and ready to backhand.Cactus41-041

But what is going on with the men’s team uniform? I don’t get it. How did swooshy Great Gatsby-white-party culottes help their game? And think of the stains you could never get out! Boys are so messy. Those pleats really do add pounds.



16 thoughts on “New Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Circles”

  1. I do enjoy how either you or the yearbook squad decided to group the singles, deck and table tennis team photos together, Kerbey, though we all know how much ping-pong belongs with the others. Well, coordination … somewhat. I know you are going to throw a Forrest Gump line at me here.

    Those men’s uniforms are atrocious on every darn level. The pants can double as sails for the boating squad. Was that picture on the next page, Kerbey?

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    1. Yes, girls were on the left, boys on the right, I think. They COULD double as sails. So much material. I bet they had to start rationing that the next year, seeing as this was 1941. No Gump lines, I promise. They must have grouped the teams together like the $25,000 Pyramid: Things that use paddles, things that you swing at, things with small balls…


  2. commented earlier in the day, but looks like you must have deleted my comment, Kerbey 😉 Seriously, I did write something. Where did it go? It will be impossible to reproduce the remarkable brilliance I showed in that earlier comment (bahahahaha), so will just wonder what she his holding in that top photo. Is it really a pretzel? And the table tennis gals don’t look like boatloads of fun, especially the one on the right.

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