That Classic Christmas Piñata

all images from 1955 Cactus

Even living in Texas, I’ve never heard of hitting a piñata for Christmas. One might lose the bat (or cane, as it were) and fling it into the Christmas tree, making it a holiday to remember.

Today’s images are all Christmas scenes from dorm life at the University of Texas in 1955. Some images were inaccurately labeled, like this one.

Not everyone. Not Carol.

These Spooks don’t seem to be haunting anything.

This girl seems horrified by her friend’s decoration. Thankfully, Santa is supervising.

We see scenes of tree trimming and wrapping paper cutting.

Men topping a diminutive tree.

Late night gift exchanges.

Ah, the excitement of the first tear!

Manly Modern-Day Hipster Time-Travels Back To 1964, Reveals Smart Phone

64 Westerner
64 Westerner

Is it me or does the bearded one look out of place among the other boys of Boyden Hall? Are they comparing notes in their little black books? Why is one guy wearing the potent combination of pajamas and flip-flops (and possibly a priest’s collar)? I don’t get it.

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