Terrier Tends To Terrain

1943 Arbutus

No doubt about it, those ads in the back of vintage college yearbooks are odd. But who can ignore this dandied-up pooch? Not me.

Some ads have state embodiments to catch your eye like Old Man Texas here.


Texas Power & Light does them one better with its intricate artwork.


Some ads are so simple, that they’re barely there.


Some hardly make a lick of sense.


And some conjure up the devil himself!


6 thoughts on “Terrier Tends To Terrain”

  1. Yes, I definitely want to increase my family’s enthusiasm about hash. I mean, we tried plain weed, a Thai stick or two and even some honey oil but I think a little hash will do the trick, especially for the kiddos! Because…they’re Texans! Pouring that power down on us and keeping the kids safe at home. Some Alkie would taste mighty fine just now.

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