Whoever Is Higher To Heaven Wins

Portrait of an Era

During WWII, hats were frowned upon as an indulgence in the UK, and many woman (not daring to go in public uncovered), found that necessity was indeed the mother of invention. These British women fashioned turbans out of headscarves, which not only protected their hair while working, but also added that little pizzazz needed during an era of drudgery.

Sister, if you couldn’t get a man to notice you with this thing on your noggin, it was time to abandon hope.


10 thoughts on “Whoever Is Higher To Heaven Wins”

      1. Oh, I feel fine. I do dishes all day and I am the woman in the house. Plus, I don’t have feminazi tendencies. So I actually agree. I’m too tired from making dinner to burn a bra. Give me pearls and heels and I’ll go vacuum the den.

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  1. My Gran used to wrap her hair up in a fancy turban any time she felt her hair wasn’t up to muster. I guess it probably was a lag over from the War years. If I followed her lead, my hair would always be under a headscarf.

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      1. I don’t believe so, sadly. My aunt may have some but I actually doubt she would have allowed anyone to take her photo unless she was picture perfect. My Gran was very glam. I did not inherit that DNA. Ha ha!

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