Nutty For Nylons

Joyce is over the moon with this new shade of nylons–in stylish palomino! The golden color would cover up her pasty white legs in no time!

Ladies, when’s the last time you gave an ounce of thought to the color of your pantyhose? Have you even purchased hose in this millennium? I never see anyone sporting them these days. Probably because they didn’t have EZ glove to remove “mannish leg-hair.”

But once those legs were shaved, it was time to don some Dancing Twins! And remember folks, these nylons necessitated garter belts. Peggy Sue hadn’t yet invented pantyhose. 😉 Seam-free nylons did the trick for THIS cute trick.

If nylons weren’t up your alley in 1947, you could stay feet-focused on trendy bobby sox, in an assortment of colors, sure to entice your local soda jerk.

And if you were a girl who knows what goes, you’d pull on some Bonnie Doons before strapping on your skates to burn off the calories from eating too many Lorna Doones.

But socks weren’t the end of the conversation. You had to accessorize them. Everybody’s doing it!

So much pressure on young women! These days, a woman can just pick an atrocious tattoo to reflect her inner soul. But back in 1947, sock buttons were the way to express yourself. Can you imagine anyone taking the TIME to interpret your sock buttons?


11 thoughts on “Nutty For Nylons”

  1. I remember most of these first hand but sock buttons elude me. That is one heck of a marketing idea though. It seems like a lot of effort. Maybe that is why it didn’t last; and no I can’t imagine kids taking the time to “read” your socks.

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  2. I read that during WW2 ladies would paint a seam on their leg to simulate wearing stockings. So I imagine in 1947 when the rationing of materials had lifted that there was a feeding frenzy on leg wear. Of course, to me “hose” refers to the snakey thing in the garden through which water runs. I do have leg feathers though that is probably too much information.

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    1. You’re right. I have a picture of one girl painting a seam on the back of another girl’s leg. I guess we’ve always been a culture of smoke and mirrors. The hose to which you are referring is the very same hose that my teen cut in half yesterday mowing the yard. And the very same reason why my husband is now at Lowe’s. But that’s probably too much information as well. I think it’s okay for dudes to have leg feathers, BTW.


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