Revlon Releases Hot New Fall Color: Not Today, Satan

April 1954

Actually, it wasn’t Revlon; it was Cutex, a name we associate today strictly with nails, not lips. But back in the day, they offered coordinated colors for style from head to toe! Step off, Satan! I’m fabulous!

10 thoughts on “Revlon Releases Hot New Fall Color: Not Today, Satan”

  1. Plain nail polish is rather old fashioned now isn’t it? I see young ladies with their bejeweled nails and I wonder where did that fad come from and how can they work with those things. I guess washer women is not a thing anymore.

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    1. I don’t get it. I had a manicure done for my wedding day, but that stuff is ruined as soon as you wash dishes or do laundry, like you say. I wouldn’t waste my money. I just buy the $1-$2 nail polish at Walgreens and do it myself LOL. There was a Friends episode, where Monica’s fake nail fell out in a quiche she baked, so I would be worried if I had fake nails or bewels that could get in food.

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  2. The ladies in my household insist that only name brand lipsticks are worthy of touching their lips. We’re talking the Sephora stuff and Chanel is the fave at the moment. How do I know this? Because I see credit card slips for $24.00 FOR A LIPSTICK!!!! I don’t pay that for my entire daily wardrobe of tee shirt and cargo shorts. I also point out I can get a matching color at Sherwin Williams paint store to match for nails but alas, my protests fall on deaf ears. Now don’t start me on eyeliner.

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    1. That is crazy. I don’t think I’ve bought lipstick in 15 or 20 years. But I buy cheap makeup at the drugstores to save our bank account. The second cheapest powder, the second cheapest mascara. $24 is my makeup budget for an entire year. I hope it makes them feel very fancy and secure because that is crazy talk. I could never justify that when you can get two combination enchilada plates for that price. Yikes!!

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  3. I know, right, or a fair amount of decent beer! As a skilled survivor I, of course, keep my mouth shut regarding anything relating to make-up and I don’t think the lipstick fetish extends to other products because I see CVS bags with strange female decoration concoctions.

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