I Am A Winter, And My Glasses Are Hidd-Yuss

Feb 1985 Vogue

Actually, these owlish, oversized specs aren’t as hidd-yuss as most of the following glasses from 1985. But these Ted Lapidus ones certainly qualify.

She seems to be gritting her teeth to prevent from cursing their bulky black bamboo frame, perfect for eating kung pao shrimp.

The next model seems to have moved on to dessert.

April 85

I guess boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses–especially if it’s Sophia Loren. She must have loved her some curlicues. And pearls. And lace.

How about supermodel Paulina, sporting patriotic fingernails?

Sorry, but those hoopy metal sunglasses are awful. Just awful. Even on Paulina.

And who among you wants their frames to be at nostril level? Not I.

March ’85

These white ones might have appealed to me as a teen, but what they delivered in style, they lacked in peripheral vision. Thus the pout.

And what about these? They remind me of spreading butterfly wings. Is she in an indoor wind storm?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane (and I hope you’re wearing your glasses). After all, it’s the best way to enjoy the interwebs.


15 thoughts on “I Am A Winter, And My Glasses Are Hidd-Yuss”

      1. I have to wear bi-focals and they are no fun what so ever. I miss sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are too expensive and those clip on shades are even more hideous than those glasses you .

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  1. I just got new glasses about one month ago and was looking at magnetic clip -ons. Two magnets are embedded in the frames and the shades just pop on. That alone is $180. I will just squint.

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