More 1935 Goodness From West Texas

Today we continue with more amazing pics from West Texas Teachers College. I may not be a fan of West Texas, but I sure like their yearbooks.

The first image was captioned, “The Ruff Nex in Edmund.” Well, I tell you what, if I had been born during the first world war, I gladly would have joined one of these fellows for a ride in his Packard and a Clark Gable movie. And if it were the one second from the right, we might even go get a gin fizz afterwards.

The next foursome of gals were called “Four inmates of Randall Hall.” Did you ever see a group of folks more comfortable in their own skin? Again, remember to click to enlarge.

“Nonchalant Faulkner”

2 thoughts on “More 1935 Goodness From West Texas”

  1. The guy you picked is sure dreamy with wavy hair and rakish grin but the guy in the derby looks like he could be more fun. I think it’s interesting that in a crowd of men that size there is only one hat and that hat looks as though it could have been worn by his dad. George and Rena look like a gangster and his moll. I can’t imagine who would name their daughter Dizzy. Of course that could be a nickname.

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