Methodist Mustang Art

While we will, in fact, return to more amazing 1935 Teachers College images later in the week, today I thought we’d cleanse the palate with some yearbook artwork. The year remains 1935, but the source is Southern Methodist University. While you don’t normally think of a yearbook as a trove of great art, I think you will find this interesting. Keep in mind, their mascot is the mustang.


5 thoughts on “Methodist Mustang Art”

  1. That is some amazing artwork for a yearbook. It is interesting to look at the historical aspects from today’s perspective. The earning of $1 million dollars raised for a building and especially the last photo with Hitler.

    Great find.

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  2. Wow what great art work. Amazing color and drawing. I especially like the technique of the “hot box” and the one previous. As for the last one I am confused. They show a sketch of someone who may be Adolf and a pic of someone I don’t recognize, and they use a quote from Huey Long. My O My. Ain’t that something.

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