Brow Be Gone

Western Hills High School, Ft Worth, TX
Western Hills High School, Ft Worth, TX

In the late 1970s, the powers that be decided that foreheads were only useful as a canvas to showcase bangs, and forehead skin should be hidden altogether. By the fall of 1979, most hip teens had followed suit and were ready freddy for school picture day.

Even Caucasion afros came forward. Baby, you make my love come down.

Often, blond boys were indistinguishable from blond girls.

Then there’s this style, which would later morph into the “He wants you, too, Malachi” style from Children of the Corn.

Fashion’s dictates did not exclude any creed nor color. Rules is rules.

This girl missed the memo. She thought Marcia Brady was still groovy. By January, she was being homeschooled.


Judge Reinhold got the memo, but he got it late. Bless his heart.

Catamount80033Covered foreheads made dudes look hot, like poor men’s Oak Ridge Boys. How did the ladies ever decide upon a suitor?

Coveted styles included The Future Domestic Violencer, The Camaro On Blocks, and The 7-11 Graveyard Shift.

But if the goal was to entirely cover the forehead, to the extent that one’s eyesight was in peril, then there could only be one victor. Steve Wagner, you were that man.




  1. Sheepdog, Beatles I remember all of those names. I had bangs in the 60’s and early 70’s but never that severe. I hope all of their kids and Grand kids found those pictures. They could use a little mocking.

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    • It is if you are rebelling against current style with something that wasn’t the LAST style. If it were 1990 and she was working Marcia, okay. Enough of a buffer zone to be ironic or making a statement. But otherwise, you’re just the outdated Walmart shopper who isn’t staying abreast of things. The kid with the Lee jeans. No kid should have to wear Lee.


      • Good point. I didn’t know the 60’s-70’s style progression, but this does change things a bit.

        The funny thing is that Lee jeans have never fit me.Ever. They’re always too big, even if they’re in my size or a size down. What’s up with that?

        Then again, I only see them at Marshall’s, so perhaps they’re getting the “misfit Lee” pile.

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  2. Children of the Corn guy looks a lot like snowboarder Shaun White, who “went to” my high school for a while (although he usually was doing his studies independently while making his prize money as a child snowboarding prodigy).

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