The Wheels On The Bus


Did you spend hours on a school bus each dreadful morning and liberated afternoon with friendly-faced drivers such as these? Or were your drivers a little touched in the head? Did your buddies shoot spitballs at the back of said heads?

Recognize these faces? Surely they wouldn’t cause any trouble.


No rebellious nature in these well-behaved young men.


The 1941 students appear much more welcoming. All aboard!


Oops! Caught them mid-embrace!


Buses allowed downtime to chill with your pals.


Perhaps you were on a sports team and took a chartered bus. I can’t say as I ever did that.


And after all these years, they keep rolling.



19 thoughts on “The Wheels On The Bus”

  1. Very cool 🙂 This is not a common scene in The Netherlands, as we only have public transport for school kids. And bikes, a lot of bikes 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kind regards,

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      1. Hmm, kidnappings.. Luckily not one of our biggest fears 😉 And well, still fat people. But a little less than the USA I guess. Bikes are just a big part of our country. In the second world war the Germans even took us Dutchies our bikes!


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  2. When I started High School I rode a regular city bus to school. You walked to and from a normal bus stop. It wasn’t until I moved to the suburbs that I had the privilege of riding a special Yellow Bus. Did that for a while and then started driving. Now those yellow beasts are everywhere.

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  3. I liked our bus driver in high school, Kerbey. I didn’t want to miss that yellow bus because our Three Village School District on Long Island was so sprawling that the high school was at the other end of the third village, about 10 miles from my house. I sure didn’t want to ride my bike that far to school. I’d be late for class and sweaty, too, Tieme. I didn’t get a car until I was in college, so I needed that ride in the bus, Kerbey.

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  4. Is this why your blog is yellow? lol, even your topics are yellow! Did you ride a school bus? I did not and my oldest hates hers–the youngest does ok, but elementary kids are maybe tamer. My 7th grader tells me that the 8th graders swear on the bus (wtf, haha) and she hates the loud music they play. Tries to keep to herself. Figure it’s partly character building, though I do pick her up at school occasionally. No way could she walk or ride her bike like we did back in the day–school is way on the other side of town. Major freeways between here and there.

    Great photos, just the same. I do remember a charter bus from a band trip and it was all about hand-checks and how many people could we fit in the bathroom. I was an underclass(wo)man, so was more of an observer, less of a participant.

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    1. I didn’t think about there being a restroom, but of course you’re right. The theme was just for the bus today. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Two hour bus delays for school–just got the email! And my 6th grader has now heard every bad word and many terms for activities I did not know about until high school. Yikes.


  5. I am into this swanky new theme you’re rockin, Kerbs! Or maybe it’s a new color scheme? Regardless, I like what you’ve done with the place. I love opening the windows from time to time and rearranging the furniture too. Brightens up the place.

    One school year our tiny town was maxed out of desks in the 3rd grade so I had to ride the bus to a neighboring town. A little school house on acres of farm land. Had to cross a rickety old Bridge to get there. Bina Pometta was my bus driver. I loved it.

    I was born in a small town, and I live in a small town pbly die in a small town that’s good enough for me…

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    1. Rearranging is important. We just put new curtains in the living room, and what a difference from sheer maroon to tropical. You had to RIDE TO ANOTHER TOWN?? Omgersh. Glad you liked Miss Pometta LOL.

      I know you didn’t marry an L.A. girl and bring her to that small town, but I do know you were educated in a small town. Probably full of little pink houses.

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