14 thoughts on “Right Now, In Midwinter!

    1. You even sound like you’re in that era. Gee willikers. I just had a bday lunch and my aunt gave me pink and blue swirly socks that say “My favorite salad is wine.” Weird, right? I’ll wear them while we have that wine and a smoke.

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  1. Geat photos Kerbey. Birds Eye has had a long an complex history world wide. I see the old guy loading the peas in the center photo is smoking as he works. That was very common back then and they would call in an air strike if you did it today.

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    1. Oh, I thought he was trying to keep warm. Good eye, Paul. Now I just got a bunch of bday gift cards at lunch from family, and how am I supposed to enjoy the Target one after all you’ve told me??


      1. Oh the American marketplace is brutal Kerbey – Target is giving you guys good value for your money or they’d be gone, gone, gone. They just didn’t do that here for some reason. They are a good company with a good reputation – they just don’t move well into new markets. They came, we saw, they cried.

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      2. I think they charge too much. I hate their prices for their junky items. We call that retail rape. But I do like to eat their Archer Farms jars of nuts.


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