10 thoughts on “How I Feel At The Walmart H&R Block”

    1. Oh, mercy, no, Paul. We pay our regular accountant too much money. I wouldn’t get my hair done at Walmart, much less my taxes. Although I did get a yellow shirt there yesterday.


    1. I thought they were graduation caps with tassels, but my eyes are not as good as they once were. Perhaps they are mascots. I thought the middle girl had a Christmas tree on her shirt before I realized it was a one-button cardigan. I recognize that glazed look on the one girl. That’s when you just ordered your 4th pint and you’re re-thinking if that was a good choice or not.


  1. which one are you? Am with you on Wal-Mart. My daughter once got me through by telling me to close my eyes and she kept repeating, “you are at Target.” Near panic attack every time I dare shop.

    Buying yellow shirts now? And a yellow blog? Here’s to a good night’s sleep!

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    1. It looks nuclear, doesn’t it? It will wake you up before you go-go. I had to go to Walmart to find the Better Homes & Gardens tropical curtains I like. I am the girl in the middle with the look of regret. I wouldn’t go there for taxes. Not no way, not no how.


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