Fear Of Measles Epidemic Linked To Teen Incontinence

1967 Schreiner Institute
1967 Schreiner Institute

12 thoughts on “Fear Of Measles Epidemic Linked To Teen Incontinence”

  1. Yikes! Your new format is totally cool Kerbey. It looks like National geographic. One suggestion – when typing a comment, the font color is a soft grey taht my old eyes have a real hard time seeing.

    The boys in your pic above all look like they are deliberately ignoring something – or hiding soemthing. Teens can be scary – they may have just buried a body in the forest or they may have snuck a Coke – impossible to tell with a teen. Sigh. Ha!

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    1. I will try to add more naked tribal women to add to the National Geographic flair. I’m sorry about the font. I absolutely DETEST that so many WPress themes have the stupid grey font. Some blogs I absolutely can’t read and just move on. I understand. Presbyopia set in for me at 40. That said, I can see this just fine on my end. I’m typing black on a white box. Yours doesn’t? I don’t get it. I wish I could make all font darkest cave black, like my mascara.


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