The Case For Coffin Nails And Lung Darts

Smoking looks pretty fantastic in ads of yore. I may need to rethink my vices. Toweling off never looked so exhilarating.

1955 Phillip Morris
1955 Phillip Morris

Have you ever seen a more fetching football ensemble? It even has a place to hold her smokes. She’s ready to toss an entire carton your way.
KUFall41-011These guys are the picture of good health. If they can smoke Camels and protect our liberty, shouldn’t you?

part 1 camels

The problem at Christmastime is discerning which Santa to heed. KU47011

JayhawkerCom43-013Too tough to decide? In any event, Chesterfield makes a pretty good case for evening winding-down. I could curl up inside that window into 1936. Let’s just hope she doesn’t fall asleep with the butt still burning.



15 thoughts on “The Case For Coffin Nails And Lung Darts

  1. Their fingers and teeth had yet to turn yellow, shy by just a year or two. Hey, the cartoon writers and artists made a safe falling on your head look funny, too. Proving yet again, Kerbey, what you don’t know can kill you.

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    1. I think if he smoked, he’d weigh less. He does have a ton of travelling to do that day, so I would bet he smokes during the deliveries, then drinks afterward. Then he’s clean the rest of the year. It just takes the edge off while he’s flying over the homes of those who don’t believe.


    1. And this from a man who has an enormous collection of beautiful paintings and artwork (at least digitally). I think those illustrators could have made Snuggies look glamorous.


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