15 thoughts on “When Trees Imitate People

  1. What causes this stuff? Is the wind so strong and constant it eternally bent them? Are they attempting to mimic an old crone in order to scare little kids on Halloween? Or are they, as you said, being snarky? Imitating the lady in the yard. Or…maybe they were showing off and they froze that way. Their mama always said that would happen.

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    1. Technically, that’s on the coast when we visited Rockport, so it IS indeed the gentle trade winds (that’s my phrase of the week!) that has forced the trees into submission, or into my wee morning posture. Mama did warn them.

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  2. Somebody get this photo to Jimmy Fallon, please and thank you. I do believe he’d have a field day with its aura, Kerbey. Your eye is a delight. It brings to mind an awful old pop song of my youth, “Bend me shape me anyway you want me …”

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