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Even Corey Hart Wouldn’t Wear These At Night

I don’t need to tell you from which decade this new yearbook hails, do I, peeps? Kiss could shout it, shout it out loud. Oh, how this new yearbook score is laden with delicious 80s-ness! No wiggin’ out over wars to protest or lame women’s rights. Just the sweet self-indulgence of excess. I truly hope that these two hotties (Joel and Tim) are alive and have access to WordPress, because who would not want to revisit his starry-eyed Captain-sans-Tenille, Magnum P.I.-Hawaiian-shirt look? Not I.


13 thoughts on “Even Corey Hart Wouldn’t Wear These At Night”

  1. The biggest memories I have of the 80’s are Calvin Klein sport coats, 100 buck jeans and a divorce. I remember Magnum and am trying to forget the Captain with or without Tenille and who is Corey Hart? Is he the dude that sang the sun glass song? I deduced that all by myself. Ain’t that something. Always liked that song, don’t think I ever knew who the singer was. If that,indeed, who he is very clever title.


  2. they look like they stepped out of a Weekend at Bernie’s casting call. Or Pretty in Pink. Loving the vibes. Though not so much the shades. Great find 🙂


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