Hood Ornaments

1955 Football Parade
1955 Football Parade

These two barelegged cowgirls atop a cream-colored BAR-B-Q convertible are too too much! Howdy, y’all!

This lady is clearly more refined in her demeanor.


If Joan Tompkins’ smug recline doesn’t do it for you, then maybe a marching band will. 76 trombones led the big parade…


Any of you ladies ever twirled a baton? I hear fingers have muscle memory, just in case you’re planning any summertime family reunions that require talent contests. You know, like in that movie Dan In Real Life, where Steve Carell sang “Let My Love Open The Door.” Oh, that was so sweeeeet…

Oh, and one more thing. After all the floats pass by, they’re serving barbeque!



16 thoughts on “Hood Ornaments

  1. Pale-legged Bar-B-Que cowbelles in color.

    Nice start, Kerbey.

    Onto B&W Curtain Club Joan, who decided drab drapes were the way to go as far as the day’s parade fashion went.

    Back to color twirlers, living it up.

    B&W rib-stickers, formally dour.

    Tell me these aren’t all from the same year, please.


      1. Wow! Different schools, maybe? The happy ones in color are the Texas Longhorns, and the dour BW ones are the Texas A&M Aggies? Now I done got myself in hot water with a whole Texas alumni group, didn’t I?


      2. Yes. Yes, you have. They are all Longhorns. And while we’re at it, my husband and I are in a mixed marriage. I the superior Longhorn and he the inferior Aggie. If it were Aggies atop a car, they would have fallen off by now.


      3. I picked the perfect Texas collegiate metaphor for you, dear Kerbey, did I not?! But I was wrong about the photos. All Longhorns. Huh. Maybe people wouldn’t smile back them unless you told them you had color film in the camera.


    1. Look, Maxwell, I think it is very honorable that you maintain your white fur puss. That means face. But sometimes you just gotta get in there and get the BBQ sauce all over you. I’m certain your owner could use a squirt of Shout! or 409 to get out any redness.


  2. Cowgirl cuties, cars and BBQ and a real drama Queen. Now this is indeed a champion post. I hope the Q is dry rubbed beef. Anything else would be Un-Texan. Wouldn’t it?


  3. yes please to the bbq, but they don’t look very happy about it. Food not so good, I guess. Dan in Real Life was fantastico movie, agreed. I have never had a hood ornament.


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