Not Enough Marcias


Another day, another dorm, another opportunity to ask, “Why?” This here is a shot of the ladies of the dorm labelled simply as “2-A” in the 1973 Indiana University annual. I’m not sure what catches the eye first: the look of ennui and apathy from Heavy-Lidded Ladyfingers in the front row, or her barefoot buddy holding a bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup on her knee. Or is it not maple syrup? Yes, I skipped vested turtleneck woman.

Then we have the skipper, whose eyes are shut, holding some sort of stuffed animal, a girl with a violin, a girl with a tennis racket, a girl with a GOLDFISH BOWL and a shirt that reads “Jesus” where the Pepsi logo should be. We make our way back with the wallflower, the trio of alcoholics, your nobody (she called today), the one in the unfortunate circus pants, the two Jan Bradies (prone to suffering from the Jan Brady Effect), and the girl in the classic mannequin head with a shag hairdo on a platter pose. It never gets old. Speaking of the two Jans, chances were high that one of these girls was actually named Janet or Janice, which ranked high during their birth year.

But the top five names were:

  • Mary
  • Linda
  • Deborah
  • Patricia
  • Susan

Still, who wouldn’t want to be a Marcia (other than Gloria Steinem, who turns 80 today)?


  1. The Brady Bunch would be another lovely topic of conversation for us 🙂 Marcia Marcia Marcia and all that. I read Greg’s tell-all and also am proud owner of Alice’s Brady Bunch Cookbook. This is not a lie. (, skip down to Mr. Wonderful White Cake paragraph for proof)

    About photo: overall, a perky bunch. Though I’m putting in a vote for those circus pants-I like them! What colors do you suppose the stripes were? Those props are all puzzling–were they told to bring an item that describes them best for the photo or did they just happen to be carrying the mannequin/violin/pancake syrup on their way to class?

    You, dear Kerbey, are most definitely groovy.

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    • Did a high school boy tell you that? 🙂

      Oh, you DID reference that cookbook. Is Sam supposed to be Mr. Wonderful? Did he ever marry Alice? That’s not wonderful, stringing her along like that. It should be Mr. Wonderful Wedding Cake.

      Now the pants, I don’t know. Maybe green? Wasn’t everything avocado green or gold or brown? Our fridge was.


  2. Having attended IU-Bloomington, this sure brings back a lot of memories.
    I am still trying to decide if they were good memories or bad.
    Think I dated the blonde gal, top row, with the very groovy prison stripped jeans.
    Think I will just say…”Thanks for the memories”


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