May 1938 San Antonio
May 1938 San Antonio

I’ve never seen a pair of glasses with only one lens tinted. I cannot fathom why he would wear such a pair, unless he was hiding some horrible disfigurement and, not wanting to be called “pirate” instead of “pappaw,” forewent the eye patch. Qui sait? That, however, is not my only question. What appears to be one slender billy goat’s gruff of a beard, upon further examination looks more like exhaled cigar smoke. But how could it be traveling one way down his chin and then circling back up past his hat? Even the granddaughter looks perplexed.


9 thoughts on “Half-Tinted

  1. What a great old pic. Maybe he is trying to strengthen a weak eye? I would like to think it is to cover an evil eye. That would explain the “smoke”. He’s not really pappaw. Actually an evil spirit invaded his human form. And he was trying to inhale the spirit of the child. That’s the vapor you see. But the photographer prevented it just in the nick of time. The spirit left and the old guy went back to being Pappaw.


  2. Grandpappy was blind in one eye, or may have lost that eye. That was a more refined way to go about life without the eye patch. The first time I encountered such eyeware was watching Airwolf. The point man was code named “Archangel” and he was blinded in the left eye from an attack. He would wear similar glasses.


    1. My husband has just backed up this information; something girls would not know. Sade seems an odd choice for the vocals on this. I think someone needs to bring this look back.


  3. maybe the wisp is a lighting thing? swarm of gnats? Have been watching lots of Dr. Who (thanks for that, amb) and that makes me think he is either exhaling or inhaling some sort of spirit or energy stream. ?? Though the most likely explanation–cigar smoke–puts this babe in the same condition as that camel-smoking, brandy-swilling toddler you had here the other day. It’s a wonder their generations survived.

    So glad to see your post today–was going through withdrawal 😉 For real though, I like your posts very much.


    1. It is a wonder they survived. I post more than usual lately, so feel free to skip dozens at a time. I know you are busy and have a life. 🙂 Withdrawal is optional.


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