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Pep In Your Step

Sis Boom Bah, Rah Rah Rah!


From the 50s to the 60s…


…to the 70s, cheerleading never goes out of style.


Even when the outfits are disastrous.


We’re all familiar with the common “lean-back and flash your invisible oven mitt/handgun/wine glass” cheer, aren’t we?  


Well, there must be something to it, because many schools employed this tactic, as if to tell the opposing team to “hit the road, Jack.” My lumbar hurts just looking at it.


But being flexible is the name of the game. Mix with exuberance and stir.


Of course, you can’t forget your pom-poms.


Even novices can promote school spirit! This girl appears to be conducting the band with a baton at a pep rally.


And don’t forget that when cheerleading was popularized over 100 years ago, it was a boys-only sport. That explains why Steve Martin, Samuel Jackson, and several presidents cheered for their schools.


Can you imagine if men had to wear those tiny Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders outfits?


Git-R-Done, Larry.

12 thoughts on “Pep In Your Step”

  1. top photo: fight the power – my sciatica! my sciatica! .. 3rd photo down: picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and legalized pot skies.. 4th photo down: yes its true the Power Rangers DO have a cheerleading squad (TITAN TEEN CHEELEADING SQUAD UNITE!).. 5th photo down: fight gravity hand-jive electric boogaloo.. sixth photo down: Downward Gravity Dog Yoga achy breaky back injury.. 7th photo down: Jerry Lewis “hey Lady!” cheerleading squad of awkwardness.. bottom photo: Finally! us big guys get a cheerleading representative to show the world how truly awful we may look in daisy duke shorts.


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