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A Dar And A D’Oh


“Okay, you guys, I’m gonna take the picture at the count of three. One. Two. Three…Inez, what the hell?”


Let’s speculate on things Inez could be doing:

  • Sneezing (but she looks too calm)
  • Running the scales (save that for choir)
  • That thing you’ve been thinking since you first saw it
  • Mimicking the mating call of the sea lion
  • Calling Kanye West out on the fact that he said he was leaving the country and, Damn Smokey, he’s still here.
  • http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/

8 thoughts on “A Dar And A D’Oh”

  1. She has no books in her arms like some of the others so maybe she is doing her best Judy Garland impersonation….”There’s no place like home…” What kind of name is Dar… Short for Darcy??


    1. That’s a good guess as far as Dorothy. Maybe it was the later barbiturate usage Garland years, and she was about to drift off to sleep. I think Dar was Darlene, actually, but Darcy is good, too. You must be reading a lot of Jane Austen/Mr. Darcy, right? šŸ™‚


  2. its a secret society thing.. she is signaling her lab partner that the green hen has passed the pinnacle of the crest of Montgomery Ward and that the golden chalice has been passed into the waiting hands of the weary traveler with the silver sash..


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