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Forget Sunny D: Embrace A Frozen Margarita

Dos Salsas033

These were my son’s menu choices yesterday at a local Mexican restaurant. Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. The food is just mediocre, but we frequent it because the waiter does what seems to be nearly impossible these days in the world of self-absorbed, iPod-staring, adolescent servers: HE MAKES US FEEL WELCOME.

  • He greets us, shakes our hands, and asks how we are doing.
  • He brings us our drinks before we request them.
  • He does the “check-back” at least three times.
  • He keeps our drinks full.
  • He SMILES. He’s super-good at this one, without being fake.
  • He brings us to-go drinks without us having to ask.
  • He shakes our hands when we leave (or if he’s putting in an order, he waves good-bye).

And so even though the food is pretty meh, the service is great. He never looks slammed, he’s never in the weeds, never appears overwhelmed. He’s got this. And because he’s got this, we tip him well every time.

But until yesterday, I had never realized how inappropriate the illustration on the kids’ menu is. A Mexican man salsa dancing with a frozen margarita? With salt on the rim? I’m not making this up.

16 thoughts on “Forget Sunny D: Embrace A Frozen Margarita”

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. My dances with alcohol have been amazing! 😉

    That’s a similar situation with the Mexican restaurant up here in the Fields. The food isn’t really authentic, but the people working there make us feel welcome. It’s hard to feel welcome in the country anymore.


      1. That reminds me of something an acquaintance said to me. His name is Jihad and he’s originally from Lebanon. He moved here over forty years ago. He once told me, “I’m more American than the men on the line that tell me to go back where I came from. I chose to live here. I want to be an American more than they do.”

        I’ll never forget that moment.


  2. Your waiter is up to something: being a genuine human being. It takes a little more practice for some of us and it may be possible it comes natural for him. Our Cartoon Latino stereo type obviously has a drinking problem. He was supposed to show up during a intermission break during a 1962 Roger Corman Universal Pictures Marathon and he was slated right after the hot dog bun teaching the hot dog to flip cartoon and you see where he wound up. Someone will have to call his sponsor.


  3. Yes, those waiters are hard to find. BTW, did you know there was once a waiter who impressed Tony Robbins so much that he hired the boy. Then he impressed Robbins’ daughter so much that she married him. Just a little trivia for ya!


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