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Bienvenido A Miami, Part Uno

When you think of Miami, you probably think of Miami, Florida. I do. Or the Will Smith song that speaks of the coastal city. You probably don’t think of Miami University in Ohio, of all places, where this picture was taken in 1949. Here is a portrait of dorm life–before cell phones, before TV, before rock ‘n’ roll–where women could look attractive in penny loafers and saddle oxfords instead of 5″ stiletto stripper heels.

Miami001I’d never even heard of Miami University, the 10th oldest public university in the United States. The university, which offered classes in 1824, existed long before Miami, Florida was incorporated as a city in 1896. And that’s one to grow on!

It means you just learned something.
It means you just learned something.

These fellas seem to be enjoying campus life as well. They didn’t need no stinkin’ Blu-Ray or mobile apps to be content.  Just a book and a lamp and some swanky robes. Miami002

At the time, the mascot was the Miami Redskins, but a politically correct climate necessitated a change to the Miami Redhawks. Lame.


Back then, it was also cool to smoke, especially while sunbathing–or turning your skin red. Yes, I said it.

smokingNowadays, it’s inadvisable to start a family while in college. And who could afford it under this administration anyway? But in the post-war years, students were often married and raising families. And evidently living in ramshackle cabooses with picket fences built by unskilled laborers.

Miami004This next gathering is a group of gals in the “Outing Group.” It’s not what you think; they went on picnics and hikes together over frostbitten leaves. And apparently, they were keen on swastikas as well.

Miami005Perhaps after a long day of hiking and antisemitic rallies, the girls would hit the town. ( To be fair, swastikas meant “it is good” for years before the Nazi party used it. Let’s take it back, people!). Downtown Oxford, Ohio offered up restaurants as well as a movie theater.

Recensio49005The Miami-Western Theatre (oooh, the British spelling!) prided itself on being the only diversion in a “rather dull town.”

Miami007No worries if you spilled soda pop or melted Junior Mints on your glad rags at the cinema; you could just take them on down to Redskin Cleaners.


They’ll clean your dirty cords.

Stay tuned for Part Dos!

13 thoughts on “Bienvenido A Miami, Part Uno”

  1. Miami of Ohio. My o My. They are familiar rivals to quite a few schools in Indiana. I just love the pics; especially the first one. Women that wear sensible shoes and eat Ritz crackers. What more can I man ask for. I bet they know about Mock Apple Pie.


  2. I grew up wearing saddle oxfords, and thinking they were quite cool. Those tiny houses with picket fences that couldn’t contain a toddler are amazing. And, regarding those guys in robes, I guess their education didn’t extend as far as learning that you are not to go outside in your pj’s.


  3. The top photo is photoshopped. Seriously? Princess Leia? on the floor? in a plaid skirt? Eating Ritz crackers? Even George Lucas the marketing floozy of Hollywood would disapprove. The smoking and sun-bathing doesn’t bother me much… Come and get me cancer! I Dare you! those are not ramshackle cabooses with picket fences, they are FEMA relocation living domiciles set behind a complimentary set of NSA privacy invasion fences. Look the little boy is wearing he approved obamacare head protection, he is already being put to work cutting small patches of lawn with his small lawn mower. At least he has the sense to work for himself and not for anyone else.


    1. She DOES have Leia,now that you say that. I wonder why the Hurricane Katrina victims couldn’t get any FEMA cabooses set up? That little boy will have a full resume by 12 yrs old.


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