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Bienvenido A Miami, Part Dos

H.S. Thobe psyching the crowd up.
H.S. Thobe psyching the crowd up.

Part of the university experience is college ball, and Miami University is no different. Here comes the marching band, flanked by costumed Redskins.

Miami011And just watch how excited the crowds look this Saturday morning! How about that Christmas sweater smack dab in the middle?

Miami010How could they possibly lose with these guys on their team?

Miami012Let’s don’t forget about the ladies, getting their lacrosse on.

Miami013But some prefer to stay indoors and bowl in the air conditioned bowl-o-rama.

Miami014And certainly don’t mess with the gals on the archery team. They’ll shoot your eye out.


6 thoughts on “Bienvenido A Miami, Part Dos”

    1. It looks like he just got kicked in the groin. YOu can almost hear him do a Homer Simpson, “Doh!” Come to think of it, they all seem like long lost Stooge Brothers.


  1. Top photo: Grandpa? is that you??? I am honestly torn between Bickel, and Dellerba as my favorite Goofy “Game Faces” and how exactly did you get a picture of the auditions for the next Hunger Games as the last picture?


    1. Bickel almost looks scared. Dellerba should have just tweaked his hair and had a full-on mohawk bc that would be great for a Redskin. Ellison looks like he is ready for it to be broughted.


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